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Barbara Correll


Barbara S. Correll, MS, RDN, got her first experience in dietetics when visiting her aunt in the hospital as a child. She got to know the dietitian who would come and see her aunt and was eventually introduced to the hospital’s food service director as well. Between the two of them, Ms. Correll learned about the work of dietitians and the role of food in health. She found the field fascinating and ultimately decided to pursue it as a career. Joining Immaculata University, she took courses in premed and dietetics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in medical nutrition therapy, with a minor in business administration, in 1972. During this time, Ms. Correll was introduced to a company called

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Coming from a family of real estate professionals, Reamie Joy Tabin gained early experience rehabbing homes and properties with her family. From there, she pursued higher education at Tidewater Community College, where she earned an Associate of Science in interior design, magna cum laude. She also achieved an Associate of Arts in professional designation in merchandising and marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Ms. Tabin subsequently began her career as the owner of Blue Ivory Couture, LLC, in 2008 and ran the business until 2016. During this time, Ms. Tabin attained additional certification in Jikiden Reiki, a traditional Japanese holistic therapy. She worked with a teacher locally, and together they began running courses to teach Reiki in

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Dianna Singh


Dianna Singh found her niche in health and wellness quite by accident. Starting out as a realtor, she left her job after three years to take care of her aging father, who had dementia. After her father’s passing, she found herself feeling rather stuck, so when she saw the opportunity for part time work at Elk Grove Vitamins she applied, even though she didn’t know anything about the field at the time. Hired on after making a good impression with the owner despite her inexperience, she began working the very next day. Ms. Singh has grown considerably since those early days, but at the time discovering new avenues of health care was groundbreaking. In particular, Ms. Singh recalls that when

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Regan Choi


Regan Choi, PhD, is a second-generation acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner working in private practice. Inspired by her mother’s acupuncture practice, Dr. Choi developed an interest in the opportunities afforded by holistic and complementary medicine to address chronic health issues that remained unresolved by treatments from Western medicine. Her practice specializes in pediatric acupuncture and acupressure with an emphasis on helping patients manage symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities and autism spectrum diagnoses. Dr. Choi is passionate about offering acupuncture to juvenile patients, and loves working directly with children and youth, describing appointments as “more like playtime” than a treatment. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, she is highly trained in non-needle therapies and other noninvasive techniques best suited for

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Debbie Sheme


Driven by her long-standing love of dancing, Debbie W. Sheme was also inspired by her passion for alternative holistic approaches to wellness through physical fitness and proper nutrition. She discovered her love of dance at just 4 years old while taking classes at the Carousel Performing Arts Center and, by the time she was 8, had her first solo ballet performance at Immaculata University. Her studies continued with the Brandywine Ballet Company, the Joffrey Ballet, the Philadelphia Ballet and the Harrisburg Ballet Theater, during which time she was not only a professional ballet and modern dancer, but taught and choreographed dance for all ages and levels across Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. She then took courses in Pilates and modern dance

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Colene Allen, DN, has dedicated more than 26 years to providing patients with alternative and holistic health care options as a provider at Holistic Alternative Solution. Inspired by her grandmother, a holistic medicine practitioner, and her childhood on a remote farm, Ms. Allen wanted to become a doctor since the age of 7. She holds a Master of Arts in holistic alternative psychology and became a Doctor of Naturology in 1998 through the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Ms. Allen holds numerous credentials in her field, and is a registered holistic counselor, a licensed massage therapist, a certified myoskeletal pain therapist, a certified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and a board-certified holistic alternative psychology provider. She has pursued continuing education in

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Bonnie Mickelson


For over 38 years, Bonnie Mickelson has been a certified acupressure massage therapist, body type counselor, and the owner of Bonnie’s Reflexology, a massage and nutrition clinic focusing on holistic, whole-body wellness. Her interest in alternative healing began in the early 1980s. After 10 years of success running a bookstore, she began working in a local health food store, where she started taking reflexology classes and offering treatments. In early 1982, Ms. Mickelson opened a larger massage clinic focusing on reflexology and complementary medicine where she continues to see patients and offers an ever-widening menu of services. In addition to offering massage therapies and wellness counseling, Ms. Mickelson teaches reflexology and acupressure and has helped dozens of students throughout her

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Maria Scunziano-Singh


Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, is a board-certified internal medicine practitioner, primary care physician, and the co-owner of Access Healthcare, LLC, where she has seen patients since 2001. Her interest in medicine began in childhood: her mother, Natalie, lived with multiple sclerosis, and Dr. Scunziano-Singh remembers “having to reverse roles with her practically as soon as she knew who her mother was.” Much of her childhood was spent either around her mother’s doctors and caregivers, or helping to care for her mother herself, and she describes both wanting to help her mother and growing up quickly because of it. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1993 from New York Medical College and completed a residency in internal medicine at

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Paula Vail


Holding considerable expertise in restaurant management, interviewing for TV and radio, writing, and reiki training, Paula A. Vail has worked in a number of varying fields over the course of her career. After earning her Associate of Arts in accounting from Grays Harbor College in 1979, she became the manager and owner of Lorenzo’s Restaurant, roles she held until she sold the restaurant in 2007. Following this, she became inspired to learn reiki after someone suggested that it might be a way to help her dog, who was old and having trouble walking. She opened her own reiki practice, Wellness Inspired, in 2008, where she works as a reiki master, both practicing the art and training other professionals. Alongside her

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After working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, Demetria K. Davenport, LMT, decided to become an entrepreneur in order to pursue her aspirations. She subsequently earned a manicure license from Michigan College of Beauty and was encouraged by a coworker to venture into the field massage therapy. She later received a massage therapy certification from the Stassios Institute of Therapeutic Massage as well as additional certifications in joint replacement therapy, shoulder rehabilitation and pain management. Ms. Davenport also recently completed the Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship training program. With many qualifications to her credit, Ms. Davenport has found success as the owner and operator of Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa for nearly 15 years, where she specializes massage, facials and

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