Listee Features — Medical Technology

Supriya Doshi


Supriya Jay Doshi, BDS, MPH, MBA, is a health care technology innovator and the founder of VDO Solutions, LLC. Ms. Doshi celebrates more than 15 years of expertise in the medical field in both clinical and administrative leadership roles and specializes in helping patients and providers leverage emerging technologies to better access care. She established VDO Solutions, LLC in 2018 as a way to merge her industry background with emerging trends in health care technology, and she continues to lead the company in offering clinicians and industry leaders strategic solutions. Ms. Doshi began her career as a dentist, seeing patients in the Mumbai area. She completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2007 and

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Having accrued more than five decades of expertise, Mary F. Beland, MT (ASCP) has built herself an honorable career in information technology for the health care system. Ms. Beland was initially inspired to join the field of information technology by a nuclear physicist with whom she worked. The nuclear physicist’s work pertained to computerizing the chemistry analyzer she was running manually, which sparked her curiosity about computerization and information technology within the medical and scientific sectors. Subsequently, Ms. Beland realized this line of work was an excellent fit for her skill sets and interests, leading her to focus her studies on medical technology and engineering. To prepare for her career, Ms. Beland matriculated at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts,

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Michelle Pribble


Serving with the United States Navy for roughly 20 years, Michelle Jo Pribble was certified as a hospital corpsman by the Naval School of Health Sciences in 1991 and began her career with the Naval Medical Center San Diego in 1996. Her role as a hospital corpsman allowed her to work in a wide range of fields, including emergency medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, patient relations, and more. In 2004, Ms. Pribble graduated from the Naval School of Health Sciences and obtained certification in nuclear medicine, becoming a nuclear medicine technologist with the Naval Medical Center. Ms. Pribble attributes much of her success to her time in the military and remains active with the Naval Medical Center to this day, serving as

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Michelle Marshall


Michelle Monique Marshall is the founder and chief executive officer of Neowe Research and Development, a medical device developer established in 2018. Ms. Marshall has spent more than 15 years in the healthcare industry specializing in wound care, and she brings her experience and an uncompromising dedication to quality to her work in device manufacturing. Neowe Research and Development’s premier product is the Ouipan, a smart bedpan designed to use blockchain technology and Internet of Things infrastructure to deliver accurate real-time data to clinicians and care teams. Ms. Marshall was inspired to begin developing the Ouipan after filling in for a nurse at a long-term care facility. While working with another provider to change a 90-year-old patient’s wound dressings, she

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Abigail Harris


Fascinated early on with the minutia of the medical work that goes on following a doctor’s visit, such as what happens to your blood after a blood draw, Abigail A. Harris, was encouraged by her parents to pursue a medical education and found additional inspiration from the Mayo Clinic Medical Guide and Dictionary. Joining Madonna University, she began her career as a chemistry lab assistant from 1996 to 1997 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry in 1998. She continued her studies at Oakland University, where she conducted microbiology research for her master’s thesis and had the opportunity to work alongside the research program’s principal investigator. She completed her Master of Science in biology at Oakland in 2003

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Sherry Miles


Inspired to her career in the medical field by her grandfather, who was a nurse at a Veterans Affairs hospital, Sherry Miles earned a bachelor’s degree in allied health from the University of Kentucky as well as a specialty license in microbiology. Embarking on her career as a medical technologist with SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories before joining Quest Diagnostics as a medical technologist and microbiologist from 1991 to 2001. She rose to become a laboratory supervisor at Quest Diagnostics from 2001 to 2004 and then the quality assurance manager from 2004 to 2006. From there, Ms. Miles spent two years as a performance measure analyst with JPMorgan Chase & Co. from 2006 to 2008 and eight years as an administrative

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Melanie Mears


Inspired early on by her father, who was a firefighter and emergency medical technician, Melanie Mears was also greatly impacted by her grandmother’s diagnosis and subsequent passing from cancer when she was 11. At that point she knew that she wanted to do something in the medical field but wasn’t quite sure what. She found her answer at age 12, following an accident that saw her break her arm. As she was being treated, she met an x-ray technologist and was instantly struck by the thought of what a cool job that was. Ms. Mears achieved her x-ray certification in 2000 and additional certification in nuclear medicine in 2001. Ms. Mears began her career with Mobilex USA, an x-ray laboratory,

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Initially intending to achieve a medical degree, Rebecca R. Anderson was inspired to a career in medical technology during her undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota. First earning a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in 2000, she went on to complete additional coursework for a Bachelor of Science in clinical laboratory science and medical technology in 2001. Having always been a person who was drawn to puzzles, she enjoys the ability clinical lab work gives her to do hands on work diagnosing patients. She began her career as a medical technologist with Allina Health in 2001 and later achieved certification as a specialist in blood banking technology. Between 2007 to 2014, Ms. Anderson worked with the Memorial Blood Centers,

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Mary Obetz


Mary Beth Ogden Obetz was inspired to a career in medicine by her father, who was a physician, as well as by an opportunity she had early on to tour a hospital laboratory. After earning a diploma from Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1973, she joined Tennessee Tech University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in medical technology in 1977. Achieving her license in medical technology in the state of Tennessee, she began her career as a medical technologist in 1976. From there, she served in a variety of roles, including supervisor, lead technologist and quality technologist before joining the Lebanon VA Medical Center in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, as a medical laboratory scientist in 1993. With the Lebanon VA

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Cheryl Caskey


Holding considerable expertise in laboratory compliance and regulation, Cheryl R. Caskey began her career as a medical laboratory scientist in 1969. From there, she found herself transitioning into more managerial roles fairly quickly and in 1978, she obtained her Master of Arts in management supervision from Central Michigan University. For over a decade now, Ms. Caskey has excelled as a compliance officer for Delta Pathology, Omega Diagnostics Group PLC and the Pathology Resource Network, where she provides technical consulting services, reviews records, performs random site visits, and does audits for HIPAA and OIG compliance. Furthermore, her responsibilities also include monitoring regulation changes and updating the staff about new compliance requirements. Ms. Caskey attributes much of her success to her parents,

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