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Doris Jones-Pilcher


Drawn to the field of health care by her desire to help others, Doris Jane Jones-Pilcher, ARNP, first earned an associate degree in nursing from the Immanuel School of Nursing in 1960. During this time, she was greatly influenced by one of her instructors, who was the only nurse practitioner at the school at the time, as well as by then director Kathleen Shimming. She began work as a staff nurse for Immanuel Hospital in 1960, a role that she subsequently held with the Aurora Medical Center in Wisconsin and the Weiss Memorial Hospital in Illinois between 1962 and 1965. Joining the Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Ms. Jones-Pilcher rose to become head nurse in 1969, the crisis intervention coordinator and

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Having always had an interest in surgery, Patricia A. M. Cardillo, RN, LPN, LNC, has dedicated herself to a career that allows her to help others. She began her career at the age of 16 as a certified nursing assistant and has since gone on to achieve certification as a registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse. Her nursing education has also included an associate degree from the Community College of Rhode Island, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and psychology from Rhode Island College, and certification as a legal nurse consultant. As a result of her extensive education, Ms. Cardillo has been able to utilize her wealth of knowledge to be an advocate for patients in various aspects of the

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Earning a master’s degree in 1997, Laure Jane Marino, DNP, has excelled as a nurse for many years and achieved a Doctor of Nursing Practice from the George Washington University in 2016. That same year, she became a clinical associate professor in the School of Nursing at West Virginia University, where she serves on several committees and task forces in addition to her primary work teaching. In addition to this role, she established The Concierge NP, LLC in 2017, a private practice based on the concierge nursing model. This allows Dr. Marino to meet with her patients outside of the traditional office or hospital setting, and she also offers a robust telehealth service. With considerable expertise in family practice, geriatrics,

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Judith Murray


Earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Northern Michigan University in 1977, Judith M. Murray, BSN, RN, began her career in the neurology unit at Ascension Borgess Hospital that same year. Subsequently, she worked in the medical intensive care unit at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital from 1978 to 1980. Furthering her skills, she has sought additional certifications over the years, including in peripherally inserted central catheter, chemotherapy, advanced and basic cardiac life support, and as a first aid trainer and certified institutional review board professional. In 1980, Ms. Murray joined Munson Medical Center, where she has excelled in a variety of roles ever since. From 1980 to 1983, Ms. Murray held positions in cardiac care, the cardiac

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Janice Elliott


Inspired to become a nurse by her grandfather, who called her his “little nurse” starting when she was a child, Janice F. Elliott began her studies with a Bachelor of Applied Science in home economics and child development at Kansas State University in 1974. This was followed by an associate degree in nursing at Barton Community College in 1985, graduate level coursework in counselling at Fort Hays State University and Wichita State University, and certification as an end-of-life nursing education instructor. She began her career as a registered nurse with the St. Joseph Medical Center in 1985, where she worked in the physical medicine and rehab unit before coming the role of director of nursing for their retirement wing. Ms.

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Barbara Petree


Drawn to a career in nursing at a very young age, Barbara J. Petree was greatly inspired by her grandmother, Irene Mclaughlin, who was a Red Cross nurse during World War II. She embarked on her career in 1956 after earning a nursing diploma from the Children’s Hospital School of Nursing in San Francisco, California, and being certified as a registered nurse in the state of California. Serving as a staff nurse for the Children’s Hospital from 1956 to 1961, Ms. Petree joined the Stanford University Medical Center as a staff nurse in 1961, rising to become head nurse in 1972. That same year, she also started work as a nurse educator for an outreach program run by Stanford University

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Inspired by a deep love of helping others and serving God at the same time, Marisol Lardizabal Escobar strives to help people become the best versions of themselves through her roles as a nurse, interior designer, event planner and life coach. She first earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Saint Jude College in Manila, Philippines, in 1993, where she was recognized on the dean’s list and presented with the Loyalty Award. She then sought a master’s degree in psychology and maternal child nursing and is currently pursuing a doctorate in holistic medicine. For her excellence as a nurse, Ms. Escobar was presented with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses by The DAISY Foundation, which seeks to recognize nurses,

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Pamela Kelly


Holding considerable expertise in infection control and procedural nursing, Pamela M. Kelly attributes much of her success to her decades of hard work and her innate passion for what she does. Since 2020, she has excelled as a school nurse with Saint Viator High School. Initially coming on as a consultant for the COVID-19 pandemic, she transitioned into the role of full-time nurse, becoming the school’s first dedicated school nurse. Her day-to-day duties include immunizations, vision and dental care, and general health care for faculty, staff and students. Prior to this, she served as the digital communications director for the athletic board of the St. James School from 2019 to 2020, a substitute school nurse for Township High School District

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Taryn Amberson


Having always enjoyed connecting with people and helping others, Taryn L. Amberson, RN, knew that she wanted to be a nurse from an early age. First earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Grand Canyon University in 2013, she embarked on her career as an emergency nurse that same year. She went on to obtain a Master of Science in nursing from Grand Canyon University in 2019, during which time she was also employed as a nurse with Scripps Health in San Diego. In 2020, following a move to Hawaii with her husband, a diver in the U.S. Navy, she joined the Pali Momi Medical Center as an emergency nurse, where her duties include triage and assessing and checking

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Diane Miller


Inspired to a career in medicine at the age of 9 after watching the Bing Crosby movie “Little Boy Lost,” which features a nun taking care of a young boy, Diane Marie Miller, RN, BSN, began working in a hospital at just 13 years old. Her very first responsibilities included sorting x-rays and pushing a candy cart around for all the patients and patrons. While in high school, she obtained certification as a nurse’s aide at that same hospital and, in 1966, earned a diploma as a registered nurse from the St. Vincent Hospital School of Nursing. Subsequently, Ms. Miller embarked on her career proper as a staff nurse at St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio, before

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