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Elizabeth Celeste Moneyhun Gaines has dedicated her career to serving others and promoting wellness as an independent clinical pastoral psychotherapist based out of the Indianapolis area. She celebrates more than 30 years of practice with a specialty in marriage and family therapy, though her practice has also provided her the opportunity to support numerous individual patients as they navigate a broad range of situational and mental health challenges. Born and raised in San Francisco, Ms. Gaines’ calling to mental healthcare began as a sophomore in high school. Ms. Gaines remembers being “fascinated with people” and felt a vocation to therapy even then. A good listener with strong communication skills, she loved helping classmates solve their interpersonal problems and began to

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Born in Dallas, Texas, Melanie Moore Biggs, PhD, became interested in the field of medicine after a family member was hospitalized when she was 15. She later found her niche in psychology after attending family therapy sessions, volunteering at a suicide and crisis center and spending a summer working at a private psychiatric hospital. Earning a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, she is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in depression, anxiety and chronic co-morbid medical conditions. Over the course of her education, she was motivated and inspired by her maternal grandmother, who was an x-ray technician; her mother, Dorothy H. Moore; her sister, Melinda L. Moore; and her husband, David W. Biggs. She is

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Joyce Hagel-Silverman


While coming of age, Dr. Joyce S. Hagel-Silverman, ABDA, NCC, CPC, was recognized for her talent and intelligence. While pursuing her academic efforts, she was mentored by teachers and professors, who noticed her potential and took the time to nourish her growth in school. In college, one professor in particular allowed her to grade papers and tutor international students, and another professor convinced her to join the American Association of University Women. Dr. Hagel-Silverman proceeded to receive a Bachelor of Arts in business and German from Baldwin Wallace College, a Master of Arts in psychology and counseling from Case Western Reserve University, a Master of Arts in educational management from John Carroll University, and a PhD in psychology analysis from

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Merle Pray


Merle E. Pray, RN, APN, is a nurse psychotherapist and nursing educator with over 60 years of service to her discipline. Inspired by the story of famous Civil War nurse Clara Barton, she decided from an early age to pursue a career in medicine. She earned a diploma in nursing from the New Hampshire School of Nursing in 1952 and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Loyola University in 1977. Ms. Pray completed her education with a Master of Science from the University of Illinois in 1983. From 1953 until 1964, Ms. Pray was the head nurse at the Michael Reese Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Psychiatric Institute of Chicago. She briefly served as a community placement coordinator for the Illinois

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Sue Neufeld-Ellis


With 39 years of professional experience to her credit, Sue Neufeld-Ellis is an expert international speaker and teacher in mindfulness meditation and other areas, such as stress management and sexual addiction. She also does general mental health therapy with anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), one of the first Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor-supervisor level (NCACII) and a Registered Nurse (RN). She has also been professionally mentored by Patrick Carnes, PhD. As an RN, Ms. Neufeld-Ellis has opened three behavioral health units in hospitals, including one of the first inpatient eating disorder units in the world in 1982. Ms. Neufeld-Ellis is now available to present mindfulness

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Marillyn Brame


Raised in an era where women were supposed to stay home and clean the house, Marillyn A. Brame, PhD, broke the mold. She started her career as a shipping clerk, after which she became a color consultant for the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the owner of Signs by Marilyn and a design draftsman at Sandia Corp. Dr. Brame then moved on to positions like electro-mechanical designer for The Martin Co., the president of The Arts, the technical publications supervisor for the General Instrument Corp., the president of Camart Design and the technical publications manager at Archive Corp. During this time, she used her knowledge to consult for the Apple Corp., and ended up developing and documenting procedures for keyboard manufacturing

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Backed by more than two decades of professional excellence, Miriam Kove continues to thrive as a psychotherapist in New York. She specializes in child psychotherapy, and is dedicated to correcting misconceptions about children and parenting. She believes that showing people the truth will help them develop a better understanding about what kids need to have a healthy sense of worth and self-esteem. Prior to her own private practice, Ms. Kove served as a faculty supervisor, clinician, and psychotherapist at New Hope Guild Center, a director of the daycare on-site therapy program at C.I.S. Counseling Center, an intake director and clinician at the Institutes of Religion and Health, an adjunct early childhood lecturer at a community college in Brooklyn, N.Y., and

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Armed with tenacity and a willingness to take risks, Nancy White is celebrating nearly five decades of professional excellence. Originally a professional artist in Houston from 1970 to 1977, Dr. White eventually came to see the role art could play in healing. She used her talents to serve as an art therapist at the Galveston County Hospital in Texas City between 1976 and 1977, and fell in love with helping others. In 1978, she opened her own private psychotherapy practice in Houston, and has been there ever since. The natural progression of professions thrilled Dr. White, who is a strong believer in the importance of following your passions, no matter where they take you. ​ When Dr. White isn’t working

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