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Jennifer Nelson


Jennifer Lynn Nelson is an entrepreneur and certified notary signing agent who has spent the last four years as the owner of Oasis Notary. She developed an interest in the field during the process of buying a home in rural Southern California with her husband. After being presented with a 75-page contract requiring legal authorization on every page, Ms. Nelson realized that there were no approved notary agents in the region, and saw an opportunity to build her business and meet a community need. She began Oasis Notary as a home-based mobile notary service, meeting her clients at their homes or businesses to provide verification services and expanded to a physical office after Ms. Nelson’s friend, a real estate agent,

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Danielle Collingwood


Danielle L. Collingwood is a commissioned notary public in the state of Florida and the owner of FloCoast Notary, an on-call mobile notary service providing services to clients throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area. Ms. Collingwood has been a notary public for more than 25 years, and was initially attracted to the work for its strong customer service component and the opportunity to interact with a broad range of people and situations. She started FloCoast Notary in 2019 after feeling like she “needed a change” from her current position and a desire to prioritize and diversify her notary work. Ms. Collingwood is a natural entrepreneur and considers the freedom and unique challenges of small business ownership to be one of

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Carolyn Northcutt


Carolyn Northcutt celebrates 25 years as a realtor and luxury home specialist with Century 21 serving clients in the Kerrville, Texas, area. Ms. Northcutt graduated from Massey Business College in 1976 with an Associate of Arts and an executive secretary designation, and began her career as a paralegal. She spent the next 22 years in the legal field providing administrative and paralegal services to area firms including Rolston Hauslet and Krist Gunn Weller & Neumann. After more than two decades in the field, Ms. Northcutt was beginning to approach what she described as “the burnout stage” of her paralegal career. Feeling that she had learned all that the job had to offer and seeking a career that would empower her

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Cessaly Hutchinson


Holding considerable expertise in sales and representing buyers and sellers, Cessaly D. Hutchinson excels in high end residential, commercial and land real estate. Since 2019, she has found success as a commercial realtor recruiter with Aaron Arroyo Real Estate, where she provides support for business opportunities and commercial and land properties in the San Diego area. She also spent time a realtor with Keller Williams in San Diego, where she focused on residential and commercial properties. Additionally serving as the operations manager of the Allstate Insurance Company in Decatur, Georgia, from 2011 to 2020, where she helped customers, filed claims and handled customer collections, she began her career in 1985 as a sales associate with LegalShield USA in Ada, Oklahoma.

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Sabrina Glimcher


Drawing on years of expertise in banking, mergers and acquisitions, and aircraft finance, Sabrina P.R. Glimcher serves as chief commercial counsel of Global Jet Capital. She excels within the aviation company as its senior counsel, having maintained activity in this position since 2016. She liaises with cross-functional teams to document and close complex corporate aircraft financing transactions around the globe. She also assists in corporate governance, general financing and legal entity management matters. As a child, Ms. Glimcher traveled often, which piqued her interest in the aviation industry. When she was 9, she took a trip to Tel Aviv on a 747800, which is the third-largest passenger aircraft. In 1994, the Israeli airport did not have traditional gates yet, so

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Hardworking and dedicated, Marie A. Langan is proud of her professional successes. Her path wasn’t easy; she struggled to make ends meet early in life, but she persevered. After attaining her GED, Ms. Langan enrolled in an environmental training course, came out third in her class, and was one of two selected to participate in fieldwork identifying polluted waters for the government. Ms. Langan excelled in the role and was promoted to code enforcer and housing code enforcer in Enfield, Connecticut, a few years later. She then transitioned housing specialist in the Judicial Department of the State of Connecticut in 1983. This move was especially notable because housing specialists usually need at least a bachelor’s degree. The quality of Ms.

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