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Maria Cadena


Maria Gabriela Cadena Avila got her first experience with the packaging industry through her father’s work with a company called Imperial Chemical Industries. Studying at the Ibero-American University in Mexico, she earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in packaging design and engineering. She rounded out her education with internships in Italy and Belgium and a three-month course on quality control in Japan. In 1991, Ms. Cadena established an industrial packaging design studio, Moldart Diseño, which was the first packaging design company in Mexico. Following a number of years as the owner of and, later, as a consultant for Moldart, Ms. Cadena joined the Ultraquimia Group as an industrial designer, where she remains to this day.

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Lauren Jayne


Lauren Jayne was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, taking care of her two sons, the eldest of whom is disabled, prior to embarking on her career in business. Once the eldest was in a place where he could attend school regularly, she started applying to various companies in her area and was offered positions at both an electronic components company and an exhibit house. Opting to go with the exhibit house, despite not knowing a thing about the field, she was promoted to the role of assistant to the project manager in just three months. Six months in and Ms. Jayne had become a project manager in her own right. After three years with this company, Ms. Jayne set

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Joan Hutchins


Joan Morthland Hutchins celebrates more than six decades of distinction in business leadership, manufacturing and agriculture. A trailblazer for women in the construction industry and large-scale commercial agriculture, Ms. Hutchins considers her greatest accomplishments to be the diversity of her knowledge and ability to succeed across industries. She began her career in 1961 as a junior mathematician for the Shell Development Company after graduating from Radcliffe College at Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. She remained with Shell Development Company until 1963 and spent the next year as a mathematician for British Petroleum. During her time in the energy industry, Ms. Hutchins worked on the development of several key mathematical models for use in the oil industry, work she

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Doris E. Chu, PMP, LBC, is an experienced project manager with a lean background and a focus on development and manufacturing logistics for digital devices. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms. Chu attributes her success to her heritage and recalls the emphasis on education and the encouragement she received from her father, a lung surgeon, as a child. Her professional philosophy is that “no one can take knowledge away from you” and that thinking outside the box to find new solutions for problems is crucial. Ms. Chu initially came to the United States to attend Syracuse University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, and she continued her education at Arizona State University, completing a Master of Business Administration

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Lindsey R. Serafini, BBA, is an entrepreneur, business leader and innovator, changing the manufacturing industry since 2012 as the owner of Castle Plastics. A family-owned business celebrating over 100 years of continuous operation, Castle Plastics has become recognized as a cornerstone of the farrier supply industry and one of the top manufacturers of specialty horseshoe pads. Ms. Serafini remembers her grandfather Gabrielle, the founder of Castle Plastics, as her inspiration and teacher, citing the ethics and integrity she learned at his side while helping with the business as a small child. Passionate about both the industry and the business from a young age, Ms. Serafini fondly recalls attending her first trade show and explains that it was “only a matter

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Barbara Marcks


As a child, Barbara A. Marcks suffered from ADD and did not do very well in school. She took a test given by a guidance counselor and realized that she tested very high in logic and reasoning. She was then taken to a program, which helped develop her skills. That is where she came across information technology and realized she found something she loved. Since her departure from McKesson in 2019, where she spent 17 years of her professional career, she has returned to her own consulting program Barbara Marcks LLC. In her current role, Ms. Marcks works with companies who are looking to automate or integrate acquisitions. She looks at current business processes and tries to normalize and make them more efficient,

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Now retired, Sandra “Sonee” Lapadot led a prolific technical career for 40 years, 35 of those years as an automobile manufacturing company official. She began her transition to non-traditional work in Columbus, Ohio, when she was hired by a road design firm as a draftsman. After moving to the Akron, Ohio, area and needing a more permanent employer, in 1966 she gained employment with the Terex Division of General Motors in Hudson, Ohio, when she was hired as a manufacturing system designer. As she progressed through this division of General Motors, she also held positions as manager of engineering change implementation, manager of production scheduling, and later as the general administrator of product purchasing. In 1979, she was relocated to

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