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Karen S. Charleston, MBA, is a retired information technology architect and project manager celebrating more than 30 years of expertise in her field. Throughout her professional career, she developed a reputation for excellence in enterprise architecture for clients in both the public and private sectors, including open group architecture framework and organizational information technology improvement and overhaul projects. Much of Ms. Charleston’s career was spent working in public service for the United States government, and she retired in 2022 as the chief enterprise architect for the United States Forest Service. She joined the United States Forest Service in 2009 and, over the next 13 years, managed a team of other enterprise architects to analyze and improve the branch’s information technology

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Valarie King-Bailey


Backed by more than four decades of professional experience, Valarie King-Bailey is highly regarded for her skill in computer systems validation, software testing, and civil and environmental engineering. Since 2004, she has excelled as the chief executive officer and senior validation consultant of OnShore Technology Group Inc., which offers a broad portfolio of compliance-related software and services to support independent validation and verification for life sciences companies. As the founder of OnShore Technology Group Inc., Ms. King-Bailey’s career highlight has been raising $1 million in venture capital and breaking the seven-figure barrier for women-run businesses. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, less than 3% of women’s business enterprises exceed $1 million. She feels honored that her business has reached

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Knowing that she wanted to be a teacher by the time she was in second grade, Sandra L. Morrey realized her talent for teaching children from an early age as the oldest cousin on both sides of her family. She further credits her stepfather for providing her with the inspiration to pursue computer programming as a specialty. Matriculating at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in 1964, she achieved her first teaching position before she had even completed her degree. Subsequently, she became a teacher for the United States military and spent six years in Germany teaching the children of American NATO forces personnel. Ms. Morrey considers this period to be

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Joefon Jann


By the time she was a teenager, Joefon Jann was at the top of her class in mathematics and dreamt of someday working for the best computer company in the world. Receiving a scholarship from Wellesley College, she graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and a minor in physics from the MIT-Wellesley cross-registration program. From there, she went on to earn a Master of Arts in mathematics from the City University of New York in 1972, and a Master of Science in computer science from Columbia University in 1977. Ms. Jann taught mathematics at Lehman College for three years, and worked one year as technical staff in the Network Analysis Corporation, a respected consultant firm for

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Maitai Gordwin


Feeling that her profession chose her, Dr. Maitai P. Gordwin, MBA, began her career as a call center agent with PFSweb in 1999 while studying at the Art Institute of Dallas. Earning an Associate of Applied Arts in fashion design in 2001, she made the choice to stay with PFSweb, rising to become a CCC senior supervisor as she continued her education at Texas Woman’s University, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design in 2005. Once she had completed her fashion degrees, she was encouraged by her mentor at PFSweb to continue her studies in business, which she did, graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a Master of Business Administration in project design in 2008. Dr. Gordwin

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Tina Waggoner


Tina Marie Bosler Waggoner has made a name for herself in information technology, engineering and telecommunications. Since 2021, she has excelled as the information technology manager for CellSite Solutions, where she brings her expertise in data governance and business IT to oversee process alignment and streamlining of the company’s internal programs. Prior to this position, she spent a number of years with Timberline Manufacturing and Rockwell Collins, which is now part of Collins Aerospace, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies. Ms. Waggoner is particularly proud of what she achieved during her tenure with Rockwell Collins, notably establishing a design center in Hyderabad, India. Within a month of work, Ms. Waggoner had the design center fully functional with just three employees and

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Anna Mayo


Anna Yeung Mayo is a retired information technology developer and consultant for the California Department of Consumer Affairs, where she enjoyed nearly two decades of service before stepping down in 2021. Ms. Mayo’s interest in programming and information technology came through a chance encounter with a door-to-door salesperson, who told her that she would never become a programmer after initially pitching her a technology training course. Committed to proving them wrong and breaking through in a traditionally male-dominated field, Ms. Mayo decided to pursue her interest and education in information technology. Ms. Mayo began her career as a medic for the United States Air Force, where she served proudly for 20 years, including a special assignment during Operation Desert Storm

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Irene Sanchez


After 38 years of Federal Government service, Irene Sanchez retired in 2018, from the Department of Treasury, Bureau of Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Upon retiring, Ms. Sanchez received the Albert Gallatin Award for exemplary service. She also received a commendation from the offices of each of the United States Presidents which she served. Ms. Sanchez began her career with the Federal Government while still in high school. As a student aide, she initially performed a variety of clerical jobs, but because she possessed a strong knowledge of computers, she was asked to teach staff members how to use personal computers to automate administrative tasks. Before long, Ms. Sanchez became a key player in the workforce, and upon turning 18 years

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Diane Baird


Attributing much of her success to her confidence, Diane L. Baird also credits the fact that she was older and more mature when she returned to school. First completing coursework at Shepherd College, she went on to obtain a Master of Science from the West Virginia University. She excelled in her studies, impressing her professors, who encouraged her to pursue a career in programming. After graduating, she took a government aptitude test that simulated writing a computer program and was assigned to work in production for the U.S. Navy. Transferring to the database division, she went on to join the Defense Information Systems Agency as a problem manager, a position she would hold for three decades until her retirement. During

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DeShea Simon


Upon earning a bachelor’s degree in business, DeShea Simon, PhD, went on to earn a Master of Arts in information technology, a doctorate in religious education and a doctorate in information technology. Throughout her professional career she has cultivated significant expertise in technology and education. She began her career as a technology trainer in the public school system and, for the past 10 years, she has excelled as a professor at Hampton University. Dr. Simon has garnered a reputation as an innovative educator adopting “service-learning” and the “flipped classroom” for her nontraditional methods of teaching and learning. More recently, she has also served as a governance officer, providing direction and technical oversight for a state designated community action program. At

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