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Karen Chalmers is a retired secondary educator and technology specialist celebrating almost 40 years of dedication to her students, school and profession. Fiercely driven and independent, Ms. Chalmers left home at the age of 18 to pursue higher education, earning a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the University of Ottawa and going on to complete additional master’s-level coursework in the subject. She began teaching for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board in 1966, working with elementary-level students before settling at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, a state-of-the-art academy serving students in grades 9-12. Initially motivated by her love of working with children and her passion for helping others understand complex concepts, Ms. Chalmers taught primarily mathematics during her first

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Doris E. Chu, PMP, LBC, is an experienced project manager with a lean background and a focus on development and manufacturing logistics for digital devices. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms. Chu attributes her success to her heritage and recalls the emphasis on education and the encouragement she received from her father, a lung surgeon, as a child. Her professional philosophy is that “no one can take knowledge away from you” and that thinking outside the box to find new solutions for problems is crucial. Ms. Chu initially came to the United States to attend Syracuse University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, and she continued her education at Arizona State University, completing a Master of Business Administration

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Diana Shumick


Diana Lynn Shumick is a retired office manager and marketing support specialist celebrating a career with IBM spanning more than 35 years. Ms. Shumick credits her start in the field to her intellectual curiosity and naturally outgoing personality. While she initially dreamed of becoming a social worker, she started working as a data entry clerk for Ohio Power Company and the Canton Police Department to finance her studies at Walsh College and Ohio University. Ms. Shumick transferred to Kent State University in 1971, a move that brought her to IBM as a systems engineer in 1973. She recalls that while social work remained close to her heart, the more time she spent in the technology industry and administrative leadership, the

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Dina Bingham


Backed by her extensive knowledge of computer technology and BPO outsourcing, Dina L. Robinson Bingham excels as a partner with IBM, for which she manages large outsourcing agreements for some of the top 500 companies in the world. She is an IBM partner celebrating more than 30 years with IBM. Ms. Bingham is recognized as a leader and a veteran in her niche. Her interest in computer science began as a teen where she struggled to choose a single path to pursue until her father, an ardent technologist, encouraged her interest in programming and computer science, and she fell in love with both the discipline and the opportunities that it afforded. Ms. Bingham went on to study business management at

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Amii Bean-Rozell


Inspired by her mother and father, a data management expert and a logistics coordinator, respectively, Amii N. Bean-Rozell has excelled as the director and an enterprise data manager for IHS since 2020. Previously, she worked for a number of years as a manager for engineering technology for EnerVest Ltd. and a senior data analyst for the World Wide Drilling Group at Apache Corporation. With EnerVest, Ms. Bean-Rozell maintained her focus on efficiency improvement initiatives to achieve optimal performance in multiple domains. Ms. Bean-Rozell began her career working with her mother. She initially wanted to be a chiropractor, but decided an undergraduate degree in business would be better for owning her own business at the time. Ms. Bean-Rozell’s mother helped her

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Teri Helenese


Teri Helenese became involved in her profession because, for as long as she could remember, she had been much attuned to civil rights and social matters. She always considered herself an agent of change and often participated in highly impactful projects with the goal of uplifting others in mind. Since it proved to be a very natural progression, she went on to pursue a career in the field of civil work. She received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Florida Memorial College, and a Master of Arts in political management from George Washington University. Ms. Helenese commenced her private sector career at Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant, and eventually transitioned to such companies as Deloitte, Diageo

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Evelyn Torres-Gomez


Although thought leaders are not born overnight, some business leaders like Evelyn Torres-Gomez are born with fine wit, a love of innovation and technology, and, of course, an insatiable curiosity that leads to disruptive greatness. She is adept at understanding problems and coming up with creative solutions. She wanted to be able to do something in her career that would disrupt the telecom marketplace and create change. She has always been attracted to technology. Since 2010, Ms. Torres-Gomez has been the chief executive officer of Solaris Technologies Services, LLC, a Texas-based mobile tower manufacturer. The company is a premier partner of Garrett Metal Detectors and with solid ties to big organizations such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, the U.S. Army, Lockheed

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Renowned as an information technology and risk management expert, Ellen M. Gaston, DBA, used her childhood experiences to shape her career. She initially became interested in technology because of the start of the space program when she was young, and she became interested in law enforcement after her brother was hit by a drunk driver who got off scot-free. The FBI was one of the only places that combined the two and offered women more than a secretarial job, so she made that her target. After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Knox College in 1972, Dr. Gaston successfully landed a job as a computer programmer with the FBI. She quickly advanced within the institution, first to lead computer programmer

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Marillyn Brame


Raised in an era where women were supposed to stay home and clean the house, Marillyn A. Brame, PhD, broke the mold. She started her career as a shipping clerk, after which she became a color consultant for the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the owner of Signs by Marilyn and a design draftsman at Sandia Corp. Dr. Brame then moved on to positions like electro-mechanical designer for The Martin Co., the president of The Arts, the technical publications supervisor for the General Instrument Corp., the president of Camart Design and the technical publications manager at Archive Corp. During this time, she used her knowledge to consult for the Apple Corp., and ended up developing and documenting procedures for keyboard manufacturing

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Najat Badriyeh


Leading a staff of about 95 people, Najat El-Ayi Badriyeh became involved in her profession because she has passion for the electronics industry. She grew up with the goal in her head that she was going to start her own business. As she grew up, she found herself surrounded by electronics. She was working with a company that she knew was going to be sold, so she stepped in and took it over herself. What inspired Ms. Badriyeh along her professional journey was her passion for what she is doing in the industry. Since 1995, Ms. Badriyeh has served as the CEO and president of Naprotek, Inc., located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company stands out as

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