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JoEtta Colquitt


JoEtta Colquitt is a travel curator and the chief executive officer of Waldron Travel, where she specializes in creating original luxury vacation experiences for clients in locations around the globe. A passionate international traveler, Ms. Colquitt brings insights from decades of her independent travel adventures to her clients and strives to provide them with authentic experiences, local culture, and unexpected destinations. Ms. Colquitt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mary Grove College and completed her Master of Business Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1988. She began her career in the finance and banking sector and spent nearly three decades as a corporate banker. During this time, Ms. Colquitt had the opportunity to live and travel

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Jill Chitwood


Possessing more than 15 years of professional expertise, Jill M. Chitwood utilizes her business acumen to excel as a travel consultant and co-owner of Sights Unseen Travel Agency, a Cruise Brothers affiliate. Alongside her husband and business partner, Wayne Chitwood, the pair spearheaded the travel agency in 2017 and have come to specialize in arranging all-inclusive cruises and customized trips. Among her numerous duties, Ms. Chitwood is responsible for organizing all-inclusive trips and cruises, booking rental cars, hotels, personalized trips, travel insurance, villas, rental cabins and homes, as well as group packages. Ms. Chitwood became inspired to launch a travel consultancy after a negative experience working with a prominent travel company. The company incorrectly booked her and her husband’s travel

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Elaine Cole


As the daughter of a teacher and a preacher, Elaine M. Cole knew that she would live a life of service to her community. She wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to travel, meet other people and understand different cultures. She received a Bachelor of Science in business administration and human resource management from Robert Morris University in 2003, and a Master of Science in executive leadership from Champlain College in 2017. In her career, she spent 17 years as a travel agent and supervisor with U.S. Airways from 1990 to 2002, and eventually decided to join the Social Security Administration in Pennsylvania. Ms. Cole became a public affairs specialist for the Social Security Administration and has been

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A real people person, Julieanne Kohn has excelled as a travel advisor. She loves both traveling and sharing her experiences with others, so the field seemed to be the perfect fit. Ms. Kohn worked hard to achieve her goal, and was thrilled to land a position as a travel agent with American Express Co. in 1970. Her expertise quickly caught the attention of her peers and clients. They liked that she was well-traveled enough to offer suggestions based on places she has visited; that personal touch really made a big difference. Some of Ms. Kohn’s clients even came with her as she advanced through the industry. Her roles after she left American Express Co. included travel agent with Thomas Cook

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Looking to gain a better understanding of the world and its people, Valene Lucy Smith has dedicated her life to anthropology, geography, and tourism. She has loved traveling since childhood, and has been to almost every country in the world. These experiences taught her that there is more to her field than people understand and led her to teaching travel geography and tourism. This is also what separates Dr. Smith from her peers; while many other anthropologists are caught up in human behavior, she looks at human behavior as a response to different environments, land areas, and uses. Over the years, she has published her findings in books like “Hosts and Guests Revisited” and “Tourism Alternatives: Potentials and Problems in

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