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Adriene Jones


Taught to write by her mother as a teenager in the 1980s, Adriene Joy Jones found herself called to be a writer in 1995. As she began to cultivate her skills in writing, she started taking writing courses and eventually obtained an associate degree from ICS in 1999. That same year, she joined Newman Springs Publishing, where she has excelled as an author ever since. With eight books currently available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, she has developed a reputation for honest storytelling and not sugarcoating tragedy, especially when she is writing stories that are based on real events. Ms. Jones considers it incredibly important to spend time conducting careful research so that she can present everything

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Nancy Reynolds


Inspired early on by her love of ballet, Nancy Reynolds began training as a ballet dancer at the School of American Ballet in 1951. In 1957, she was invited to join the New York City Ballet, where she danced for five years while continuing to train at the School of American Ballet, The Juilliard School and the Martha Graham School. From there, she studied briefly at Sorbonne University in Paris in 1962 before achieving a Bachelor of Art in art history at Columbia University in 1965 and entering the field of publishing as an editor with Praeger Publishing from 1965 to 1971. While she was no longer dancing herself, Ms. Reynolds still found herself drawn to the field of dance

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Toya Vickers


With a deep, passionate desire to help others and make a difference, Toya Raylonn Vickers has been writing since she was 7 years old, keeping a journal and using writing as a way to formulate her thoughts and understand her feelings. Initially intending to pursue a career in social work, she first earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Ohio State University in 1999 followed by a master’s degree in social work from Howard University in 2003. A few months shy of the completion of her master’s, Ms. Vickers was in a serious car accident, which dramatically altered the path of her career. Ms. Vickers began writing her first novel, “Dimes, Profiles and Wives,” as she was convalescing following

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Ivy Chang


Born in Beijing, Ivy Chang came to the United States with her family, by way of Taiwan where she attended private school in Taipei, in 1955. Entering the public school system in Minnesota, she had to learn English on her own while attending school as there were no English as a second language programs at the time. Repeating first grade in order to gain a better grasp on the language, she excelled in her studies and, following her graduation from high school, she joined the University of Minnesota to pursue a postsecondary education. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 1970 and began her career as an editorial assistant at Burlington Northern Inc., now the BNSF Railway

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Inspired to a career as a writer and editor due to her early excellence in her English classes, Claire Knopf first studied at Michigan State University from 1957 to 1959 before transferring to the University of California Berkeley, where she completed coursework from 1960 to 1961. Subsequently, she embarked on her career as a freelance copy editor, working with various magazines and other publications, including Travel + Leisure, SmartMoney and Glamour. From 1970 to 1979, she worked in Israel as a freelance copy editor for the Massada Publishing Co., Magnes Press and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and as a writer for Edrei-Sharon Publications. Becoming a copy editor for Time magazine and Time Warner Inc. in 1980, Ms. Knopf held

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Alison Carter


Receiving her early training and mentorship from the Harvard professor who developed the early concept of management systems, Linda Alison D. Carter, also known professionally as Alison Carter, is an accomplished grant writer, playwright, artist, energy healer and activist. She first embarked on her professional journey as a management systems analyst with the Hartford Insurance Company in 1968, where her boss encouraged her to break the glass ceiling, leading to her becoming a key figure in designing the system to implement new no-fault insurance laws nationwide. Moving into environmental work, she spent the next two years with Buchart Horn Consulting Engineers, where she was the administrative assistant to the chief of environmental services and administrator for a federal grant to

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Barbara Green


Holding considerable expertise in writing of all sorts, both technical and creative, Barbara Green specializes in writing, designing and producing corporate communications, technical documentation, training manuals, and creative texts, such as novels, newspaper and magazine articles, and essays. After studying at St. John of the Cross from 1961 to 1964, she graduated with a diploma from Lyons Township High School in 1968 and earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Drake University in 1972. She subsequently earned a Master of Arts in journalism at Southern Illinois University in 1975. Attributing much of her success to her mentor, Norbert Blai, Ms. Green began her career as an instructor at the College of DuPage in 1980, teaching various types of writing

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Bihong Margaret Sha


An accomplished art director, producer and screenwriter from China, Bihong Margaret Sha has traveled extensively through Asia, Europe and the United States and strives to create a platform for international artists around the world through her work as chair of the Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance. Currently, she and her team are organizing an international film festival with a focus on women artists for this coming November alongside the regular artists’ workshops they run. Looking toward the future, she hopes to build up a school within the Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance. She is also the founder and co-chair of the Montgomery International Film Festival and has served as the director, producer and chair of Shafilm since 1995. Ms. Sha

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Lucy Kirk


Attributing much of her success to perseverance, Lucy Kirk was inspired to a career in international service out of her love of education and travel. First earning a Bachelor of Arts in American studies from Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1962, she subsequently joined the American University of International Service in Washington, D.C., where she obtained a Master of Arts in international relations. She embarked on her career with the Library of Congress and initially considered joining the Peace Corps before a friend suggested that she apply for a position with the Central Intelligence Agency. Ms. Kirk achieved her first position with the CIA in 1967 and worked as an operations case officer until 1989. Serving as the chief of

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Patricia Hamilton Shook, PhD, MA, BA, is a writer and clinical psychologist with more than three decades of expertise working with and on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. She has spent much of her career as a psychologist for the Department of Developmental Services, where she administers programming and assesses applications for services and court proceedings for appeals. Her work with the Department of Developmental Services extends to working directly with clients to administer IQ tests and other clinical evaluations as well as provide cognitive behavioral therapy sessions and create treatment plans. Dr. Shook’s initial interest in psychology was driven by her teenage experiences with clinical depression, inspiring her drive to understand the human brain

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