Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Griselda Basile was drawn to her career by her family’s business. Grateful for the opportunities presented to her by attending a bilingual school as a child, she sought an education in England following high school, where she studied English teaching and translation. Returning to Argentina to study law, she then pivoted toward business and earned a Bachelor of Arts in business management and strategy from the International Business Management Institute. Ms. Basile began her career as a tax preparer with EY in Argentina, where she worked from 2013 to 2015.

Coming to the United States to finish her studies, Ms. Basile earned her Master of Business Administration and joined Saint Thomas Sur LLC as a member manager in 2019. A produce importing company, Saint Thomas Sur LLC was originally founded in Florida before its headquarters were moved to Connecticut, where Ms. Basile conducts most of her work today. In addition to her various administrative, accounting and control logistics duties, she also oversees and manages 10 employees, who have presented her with several recognitions for her excellence over the course of her tenure. Ms. Basile considers the highlight of her career to be the acknowledgement she has received for being a good leader who is accomplished and knowledgeable.

Continuing to grow and learn throughout her career, Ms. Basile achieved a certificate in vegetation mastery from Harvard University to further her skill and knowledge of the produce industry. She attributes much of her success to her emphasis on always moving forward and learning from her mistakes. This has allowed her to persevere even through times of great difficulty and crisis. Alongside of her primary endeavors, she is active in her community and notably volunteers her time to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As she looks toward the future, Ms. Basile hopes to expand the scope of her business in order to serve even more regions and bring food to areas in need.

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