Earning an associate degree from Robeson Community College in 2011, Lee Scott became involved in her profession out of a love of serving others. Presently, she serves as the general manager of the Village Station 1893 Restaurant and Arnold’s Restaurant, where she has been since 2019 and 2015, respectively. In these roles, she is responsible for overseeing over 100 employees along with staffing, quality control, marketing, payroll, scheduling, and ordering and inventory. She has become a well-known figure in her small town and takes great pride in getting to know the people who come to her restaurants and helping the community grow. Prior to her work in the restaurant industry, she spent time in the medical field and was certified in health insurance billing and coding.

Attributing much of her success to her perseverance, love of learning, and hard work, Ms. Scott is always willing to improve and learn when she is confronted with something she doesn’t know. She has always loved people and learning and she enjoys being in a business where she meets people every day who she can learn from. Standing out in her field for her drive to make a difference in the lives of others, she tries to live life to its fullest and to share that with others. When people come into her restaurants she goes out of her way to connect with them, even when she doesn’t know them from the community.

Above everything, Ms. Scott cites the most important lesson she has learned over the course of her career as how to network. Learning how and where to make good connections is a crucial skill that can not only help you, but help others as well. For example, Ms. Scott is on the advisory board at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and there are often students who come in looking for part-time jobs. Through her university connections, she has been able to help some of those students get scholarships and other college aid. She has had several former student employees come back with their families to thank her after they’ve left to pursue jobs in their chosen fields.

Very involved in her community, Ms. Scott has given her support to a number of local groups. She served on the advisory board of the Givens Performing Art Center, has been active with the local chamber of commerce and local visitor’s bureau, and was a speaker on professional development for the local high school. She also helped to found the largest bike night on Interstate 95 in Florida, which she cites as a major career highlight.

A moment of particular pride for Ms. Scott came in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew had swept through the area. The interstate leading out of town was completely flooded and no one could really get in or out, but her restaurant had power and she and a group of volunteers cooked food to take to people who were struggling and provided hot meals and clean water out of their restaurant as well. When the Cajun Navy Relief came in to help provide aid, she gave them space to sleep in the restaurant and afterwards the Cajun Navy praised them across the United States for their efforts. Ms. Scott would advise young and aspiring professionals that you should never get tired of doing the right thing, because there will always be a reward.

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