Michelle Partin has excelled as a payroll specialist at Ameribridge Inc., a company that manufactures and refurbishes passenger boarding bridges for airplanes, since 2019. Her primary duties include processing time sheets and payroll for field technicians and shop employees, which she does through their professional employer organization, Nextep, to ensure that paychecks go out on the appropriate two-week schedule. Prior to her work with Ameribridge, she found success with Indiana Automotive Fasteners, Inc. in Greenfield, Indiana. Indiana Automotive Fasteners is a Japanese owned company and is the main supplier for Toyota. During her tenure, Ms. Partin was responsible for handling the receivables from Toyota, which involved posting payments of 9 to 10 million dollars on a monthly basis.

Alongside her primary career responsibilities, Ms. Partin has contributed her skills to a number of other professional endeavors. During tax season, from January to April, she serves as a tax preparer for a local fiscal company and also acts year-round as a notary public in the state of Indiana. Before pursuing a career in finance and human resources, she spent 13 years working for FedEx as a delivery person, with eight of those years in a full-time position and the last five years in a part-time capacity.

To prepare for a career in finance and human resources, Ms. Partin embarked on her studies at Harrison College in Indiana, where she earned an associate degree in professional administration and accounting in 2014. She followed this with an associate degree in business finance in 2015 and an associate degree in human resources and business management in 2016, both from Harrison College as well. For excellence during her academic studies, she was named to the dean’s list every single quarter of the school year. Even earlier, she had been featured in Who’s Who Among American High School Students for her academic excellence.

Ms. Partin attributes much of her success to watching her parents never back down from what anything that they did, as they never liked to be inactive. She hopes that her children were both able to take similar inspiration from watching her. She also credits her hard work and dedication to her position with helping her to succeed, noting that she will take on any project that is assigned to her, follow it through to the end and ensure that everything is done correctly. Now that her children are grown, she aims to dedicate 100% of her time her company.

The proud mother of one son and one daughter, Ms. Partin considers her greatest achievement to be raising her children to be productive adults. Her son graduated from the Lincoln Technical Institute with a degree in computer aided drafting and is now working for a company in Florida as a plot manager. Her daughter is a school counselor who also runs her own business on top of attending school to earn her master’s degree. She is very proud of her children who have found considerable success in their own careers and she cannot imagine anything better than having children who have accomplished so much. Looking toward the future, Ms. Partin has plans to look for work closer to her children, who both reside near Tampa, Florida, as of three years ago.


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