Linda Jorgensen


Leveraging more than two decades of excellence in the alternative health field, Linda Jorgensen has earned distinction as a clinical hypnotherapist with Linda Jorgensen Hypnotherapy in Irvine, California. Specializing in hypnotherapy and biofeedback, she has focused her efforts on treating people struggling with anxiety and autism in her role since 2020. To remain abreast of changes and advancements in her field, she is a valued member of the International Hypnosis Association, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Well-qualified in her field, Ms. Jorgensen is a certified biofeedback specialist. Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions of one’s own body by using electronic or other instruments and manipulating those

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Margaret “Maggie” Stedt is an entrepreneur, insurance expert, and the owner of Stedt Insurance Services, an independent insurance broker specializing in health care and life insurance policies. Established in 2004, Stedt Insurance Services is the culmination of more than four decades of industry expertise, offering consulting and sales to clients in need of specialized individual and business solutions. The company focuses on Medicare supplement and Medicare gap policies in addition to affordable, comprehensive health plans and offers a full suite of term life insurance and accident policies. Ms. Stedt is passionate about helping to demystify the insurance industry to her clients and empowering them to plan for their futures and reach their personal and professional goals by accessing the security

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Gwendolyn D. Reese is the president and chief executive officer of Peaten Reese Peaten Consulting and president of the African American Heritage Association of St. Petersburg in Florida. Ms. Reese has dedicated more than 30 years of her career to working with organizations focused on social justice, equity, and anti-racism, and is known for her nonprofit leadership work within the region. Impacted deeply as a child by racist policy and Jim Crow laws, Ms. Reese remembers questioning and rebelling against racist structures from a young age. She recognized early that she was called to work toward equity for all and completed an associate of arts in liberal arts at St. Petersburg College before pursuing additional graduate-level coursework through Leadership St.

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Having accrued more than three decades of expertise in her field, Lisa D. Nelson specializes in recording production services of commercial, gospel and religious music. Since 1987, she has built a prolific career as an independent owner, artist and producer of Class A Music LLC. In this capacity, she is responsible for scheduling and planning events, overseeing all aspects of live video and audio performance recordings, ensuring the availability of recording equipment, managing postproduction services, and independent, convention, conference, wedding and reception recordings. In addition to her primary vocation, Ms. Nelson serves as a professional keyboardist, choir director, composer and independent recording artist in such genres as gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, and classical music. She also performs with

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Helen McLeod is the chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Genesee Polymers Corporation, a major manufacturer of industrial and consumer silicone products. A finance industry executive with three decades of corporate accounting and leadership experience, Ms. McLeod has focused her career on working with manufacturing and engineering entities. At Genesee Polymers Corporation, Ms. McLeod plays a fundamental role in managing everyday financial functions, as well as leading executive decision-making and growth processes that ensure the company’s ability to continue delivering high-quality and socially responsible products. Ms. McLeod began her professional journey as a student at the University of Michigan, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in economics and sociology in 1991. She immediately continued her education, enrolling

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Talath Siddiqui


Backed by more than two decades of professional experience, Talath Aalia Siddiqui is renowned for her transformational leadership and coaching skills. Likewise, she holds an abundance of knowledge in operations management, process improvement, human resources and strategic planning. Ms. Siddiqui earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix in 2010 and a master’s degree in leadership and coaching from Wright Graduate University in 2017. Ms. Siddiqui presently excels as a transformational leader and coach through her business, Coach Aalia. Since 2018, she has worked with people to help them learn more about themselves and provides educational workshops at community centers, colleges and charter schools for personal and professional development. Her curriculum is based on individual and

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Excelling as a drummer in high school, Tina Grace Bertelle rose to become the top female drummer in the state of New Mexico at just 18. Following her graduation, she began her career as the lead percussion clinician at Belen High School in 1992, a period which also saw her become one of the first female drummers to perform with Drum Corps International and the first girl to ever play at the Boys Club before it was the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. She concurrently joined Perfection Honda as a customer relations manager in 1994 and remained in both roles until 1996. With a passion for helping others, Ms. Bertelle found herself drawn to health care and Alzheimer’s advocacy

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Bobbi Bentzel


After graduating from Manheim Central High School in 2003, Bobbi Nicole Bentzel matriculated at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute. She first achieved her cosmetology license in 2004, which was followed by certifications as a color specialist, a hot head hair extension specialist and an instructor by 2013. Throughout this time, she also underwent a considerable amount of on-the-job training, including in hair-coloring, highlighting, cutting, blow-drying and wigs. Furthermore, she completed studies in teaching for different learning styles, culture and leadership through Aveda Business College in 2013 and spent 2014 to 2015 continuing to improve her hair styling skills and adding skills in makeup to her repertoire. In 2013, Ms. Bentzel established Glamour Room, LLC, an Aveda salon and spa, where

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Catherine Nicolaides


A distinguished entrepreneur with more than 25 years of professional experience, Catherine “KT” Nicolaides has used her customer service expertise to spearhead her own business. She draws upon 10 years of experience working for Starbucks, as well as another 10 years serving as an assistant manager for Bank of America. During this time, Ms. Nicolaides was the recipient of an Award for Leading in the Market for Ventura County from Bank of America. Learning from these experiences, she went on to launch Green Republic in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a co-owner. Green Republic is a leading supplier of all hemp, CBD and other cannabinoid products, offering hundreds of items and premium options. Products for sale include edibles, hemp beverages, hemp

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