The president and owner of Sunrise Title Services since 2006, Patricia “Patty” Fisher-Dally is distinguished for her expertise in renewing and reviewing titles. She has more than 35 years of real estate and title experience, so she is well positioned to help her clients with everything from searching titles and plots to assisting attorneys with cases. Her main goal is to protect homebuyers.

Ms. Fisher-Dally began her journey through the field right out of high school when she was hired to work for Robert Berry, a land surveyor. She spent nine years with him before he moved his office location. She elected to remain where she was, so she joined the office a real estate attorney. Eventually, Ms. Fisher-Dally and one of her female co-workers noticed that they were doing all of the work while the attorney was getting all of the money. That’s when they decided to start their first title agency, Majestic Title. Ms. Fisher-Dally worked there as a partner from 1998 to 2006, until professional differences led her to open the company she is with today. She attributes her ongoing success to her positive attitude and the good people she has surrounding her. Additionally, she goes above and beyond for her customers and is always willing to share her knowledge.

What continues to motivate Ms. Fisher-Dally is that she absolutely loves her job. Just knowing that women don’t have to limit themselves to sales or administration inspires her; in her eyes, they can do anything they set their mind to. Ms. Fisher-Dally is currently mentoring a young woman in the field, and she makes sure to challenge her so that she can learn to take initiative and figure problems out for herself. She never just gives her the answer, creating a more valuable learning experience.

Outside of her career, Ms. Fisher-Dally’s hobbies include golf and softball. She notably won a golf award for having the longest drive for a woman and a softball award for being an outstanding player. When she retires, she hopes to travel the world.


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